Plusvital speed gene result

Plusvital Speed Gene Test Results
Reliable Man - Stallion
Reliable Man has been genetically profiled by leading international equine genomics company, Plusvital.
On the Plusvital Speed Gene Test, he is rated as C:T. This confirms that his optimum race distance is middle-distance, and also that he can produce sprint, middle or long-distance horses among his progeny depending on the genetic make-up of the mare.
On the Plusvital Elite Performance Test Reliable Man has a superior score of two on all three panels of genes that contribute to elite ability. This abilities that he has a higher chance of passing on elite gene variants for sprint, middle-distance and stamina ability to his progeny.
Therefore, Reliable Man is highly versatile in terms of the types of the foals he will produce and also has the superior combination of genes to support all types too.
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